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  • Improve confidence, study habits, and grades
  • Tutoring all ages, all levels, and all subjects
  • Learn in the comfort of your home
  • Guaranteed good tutor match or we will replace your tutor
  • All tutors are local and trusted
  • Experienced with learning disabilities & differences
  • Customized, In-home tutoring at affordable rates
  • Flexible payment plans available
  • Been in business in Calgary since 2006
  • Online tutoring also now available!

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In-Home Tutors - All Subjects - All Ages
Serving Calgary and surrounding areas since 2006

Everyone Can Learn... With The Right Approach

One-on-one, in-home tutoring and mentorship

Since 2006

Nicole L.

"Our tutor, Amy H, is fabulous. She is flexible with her timing, professional, and of course a great tutor. We couldn't have asked for a better match."

Tutor Doctor® Calgary

Tutor Doctor® is a leader in providing effective and affordable one-on-one tutoring to students and adults. We offer in-home tutoring and help students in all subjects, including Core Subjects, Special Needs, Diploma Prep, ESL, French, Adult Education, GED and more. Our Calgary tutors will help students develop study skills, habits, and improve general organizational skills. We have awesome local tutors and proudly serve families in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Tutor Doctor has been proven around the WORLD in more than 15 countries. There are no computer programs used to match your student, we use hand-picked, personally selected tutors matched to fit your family.  We guarantee a good tutor match or we will replace your tutor.

Our tutors come to you, wherever you are, at a time that is convenient. In the comfort of your home, we provide individualized tutoring and give your child the caring and confidence that they need to succeed.

Tutoring for All Ages, Levels & Subjects

Tutor Doctor provides tutoring services to students of all ages, levels and subjects. We come to your home, at a convenient time for you, to help you or your child to fill the gaps in his or her knowledge base.


Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and more

ESL / French

Language Studies


Biology, Chemistry and Physics


Reading, Writing and more

Exam / Test Preparation

Diploma Exam Prep / GED


History and more

Special Needs

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Tutor Doctor Calgary works with many students with special needs.  Special Education - Learning Disabilities & Differences include:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Dyslexia
  • Test Anxiety
  • Processing Disorders
  • Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
  • Study and Organizational skills
  • Gifted

Andrew W.

"Kathleen developed a nice rapport with my daughter, who I noticed was always in a good mood after her tutor sessions. And of course her instruction was a key to our daughter doing well in English."

Calgary Tutoring Services

Standing Out As Your Top Choice

What makes our team here at Tutor Doctor right for your student's tutoring needs? We go above and beyond to give your student the best experience by:

  • Creating customized tutoring programs for your student
  • Pairing your student with the best tutor for their needs
  • Offering in-home tutoring for comfort and convenience
  • Helping them grasp organizational and study skills
  • Working with their teacher to fill the gaps with curriculum 

Tutor Doctor Calgary knows that an education is the foundation of future success. We want to help your child gain confidence in the classroom and a motivation for learning.

Experience the Tutor Doctor Difference

When you want to give your child customized tutoring services that meet their educational needs and learning style, turn to Tutor Doctor Calgary. We pride ourselves on providing personalized programs that address the unique needs of each student we work with. Our in-home tutors are highly qualified, thoroughly screened and well trained!

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Our Process for Successful In-Home Learning

Through the Tutor Doctor Process we are able to get to know your student to identify the right learning strategy and the perfect tutor.


Through our free consultation process, we take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to create a program that is right for your child.


Our advanced matching system finds a qualified tutor who suits your child's personality and academic needs.


Our personalized coaching means the curriculum revolves around your child. We provide homework help and fill in the gaps to create confident happy students.


We support your family every step of the way by checking in regularly and providing weekly session reports.

Tutor Doctor provides affordable one-on-one in home tutoring.

No one can deny the success of Tutor Doctor’s one-on-one, in-home tutoring model. Learning centers often cause stress, facilitate peer pressure, and lead to embarrassment. Not so with Tutor Doctor!


A Customized Learning Experience

If you are unhappy with our service, we will change your tutor in order to find you a better match.

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Denise/Michael H.

"It's so convenient to have to the tutors come directly to our house. The help our son Brendan has received is exceptional and it shows in his grade average."



Tutor Doctor® of Calgary is locally owned and operated by:
Nicelle DePatie & Yossi Suissa


Yossi and Nicelle are the proud owners of the Tutor Doctor franchises serving all communities throughout the city of Calgary. They are committed to improving the educational experience and level of achievement for students working with them. Their goal is to not only help learners improve grades and confidence, but also model organizational skills and foster a love of learning. They know that regular one-on-one attention from a caring adult has a significant positive impact on a child’s schooling experience. The same is true for adult learners and high school students pursuing a wide range of academic courses.

Tutor Doctor Calgary focuses on building a business known for the quality of the people involved and a sincere approach focusing on strong customer service.

Tutor Doctor® Calgary is a registered service provider with:

Tutoring For All Subjects, All Ages

  • English - Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Spelling
  • Math - Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry
  • Science - Chemistry, Biology, Physics
  • Special Education - Learning Disabilities & Differences
  • ESL - Language Studies
  • Test / Exam Preparation